Description of work:
Kent had built our home. We sold it and some items came up on the sale inspection that Kent addressed. He went through the inspection report, contacted subs who had done the original work, and arranged for his handyman to complete the small items.
Kent did this because he believes in and takes great pride in the quality of his work. He helped us without charging us for his time. We paid the handyman directly for small repairs. There was an issue with venting in the attic and he had the roofer come out and correct the problem without charge. I would recommend Kent for any home building or remodeling project.
His work is high quality and his work ethic and professionalism is impeccable. His subcontractors are great to work with and know that Kent has high expectations they have to meet. His trim carpenters are great! We had built-in's added in several rooms and they turned out as envisioned. We can't say enough about Kent's quality and professionalism. We would go to him for any further work.
Description of work:
We hired Kent to remodel a 30+ yr old home we had purchased. We selected Kent as he had built our previous Village of West Clay home in 2004.
We had him gut the basement, including the bar, bath and patio doors. He remodeled the entire basement and it came out beautiful. He is easy to work with and has suggestions on how to improve on our ideas. We have many compliments on the space.
We also had him remodel a couple of other rooms, including bathrooms. We had built-ins added in a few rooms as well. As the project went on over the summer, we added items to the original contract and he worked them in with no fuss.
We bought a house that was nearly completed in the Village of West Clay. The house is well built, is nicely designed and contains many little extra touches. Even when minor issues have occurred in the house after the purchase Kent Shaffer worked with us to troubleshoot and resolve them.
Over The Top! Spectacular! Kent Shaffer is by far the best of the best. He just started building our new home in Carmel Indiana six weeks ago, so I will update this review when it is completed, but I want to go ahead and submit an “interim review” now, since some folks may currently be looking for a good builder on the north side of Indianapolis. In a nutshell, from what I have heard from other reputable sources and have experienced myself so far, Kent is the most honest, meticulous and knowledgeable builder you will ever run across. He has over 35 years of first-hand experience in the custom home construction industry. By every metric, he is superior. He insists on personally being on every job site himself, instead of hiring a superintendent to manage his projects, to ensure the utmost in quality. This in itself guarantees great project management/oversight as well as reducing cost. All of his subs are exceptional as well, which is obviously of most importance when building a new home. Everyone that has ever dealt with Kent has the same opinion of him, which I find very rare … there is usually at least one person that won’t feel the same way about someone. Very unusual to have 100% agreement on someone. In addition, all of his subs praise him, his past customers are all extremely satisfied and his follow up after the home is completed, if needed, is second to none. I think the best measure of how good he really is stems from the fact that during the recent construction downturn, which began in 2004 or so, he remained very busy while so many other home builders were going out of business. Kent’s daughter, Kristen Hale, has recently joined her Dad in his construction business. She has worked several years in the real estate industry and is a recent graduate of Purdue University's renowned Construction Management Program. Her combined breadth of experience and training brings additional attributes to the construction process. Kent builds primarily on the north side of Indy (Zionsville/Carmel/Noblesville/Westfield/Fishers) but is willing to build most anywhere in the Indianapolis area. Kent is such a gem to deal with. You can tell that it is extremely important to him to exceed your expectations and build the best quality home that you could ever imagine. No exaggeration. 🙂
Thomas L.